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Our EXP Design Process


Designing experiences to create brand meaning and value requires a genuine insight led and human-first approach. We begin by understanding the goals and values of each brand so we can truly personify your organisation in unique and memorable ways.


Magic only happens when an audience feels understood, empowered, immersed and awed. We are present every step of their journey, through innovation and the small detail. That’s how we make moments that matter.


No matter how amazing an experience or piece of entertainment is if it has no enduring impact on the business, it’s wasted investment. Through a combination of our strategic, creative and technical capabilities, we design experiences that deliver brand love, lasting connections and ROI.

How we do it

We believe in showing up. Being present at every step, big and small. That’s how we make moments that matter And done right, they can last a lifetime.

We’re here for those organisations that don’t just want to talk to people. We’re here for those who want to entertain, engage and inspire them.

Magic happens when the audience feels empowered, immersed and awed. That boost of dopamine that makes every person feel great, and lingers long after the event.

Together,  we ignite the imagination, embrace the butterflies and forge lasting connections.

ignite the